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Mobile offices

Types of mobile office

What is the purpose of a mobile office?

There are many different types of mobile office, provided for by different companies. There are many companies who specialise solely in providing purpose built containers for the use of offices and other uses. The purpose of a mobile office is to provide a space away from a main complex. This is true for all types of mobile office, no matter what its main purpose. For example, a company may require a smaller office away from their main office complex for a short period of time. This short period of time would not warrant building a new office elsewhere or hiring an already established building as this can be costly and there may not always be space available where a company desire to be located. The answer therefore is to invest in a mobile office. This can be set up anywhere desires and can be assembled on site by the company hiring the mobile office. There are many advantages to a mobile office and many different types of mobile office.

Different types of mobile office

  • The standard office unit: This is a custom built portable unit designed for the specific purpose of being used as an office. This may be used by salespeople or by large companies needing a posting in a different location for a short period of time. These offices have the option of electricity points and added accessories. For example, this type of mobile office can accommodate computers, photocopiers and printers. Some of these units may have an additional kitchenette area for employees to use.
  • The mobile classroom: Sometimes it may be necessary to set up a mobile classroom. This may be used in some disaster areas, where the usual school buildings have either been damaged or destroyed completely. Mobile classrooms may also need to be set up in disaster areas where a full mobile office is not needed, but a base is needed to control relief operations.
  • Mobile sanitary units: These can be set up alongside any other type of portable unit such as a classroom or an office. These can be in the form of toilets, changing rooms, bathrooms or shower units and are separated according to gender. These are useful where another portable unit has been set up and where there are no nearby sanitary facilities around. Having a separate unit close by to cater for this means work can be done efficiently and quickly without long toilet breaks.
  • Mobile stores or banks: In some disaster areas, people cannot easily get to stores or banks that they were once able to access freely. This may happen especially in areas prone to flooding where bridges or main roads may be taken out. In cases such as these, many stores or banks decide to set up temporary stores and banks to help people who no longer have the free access they once did.

These are just a few types of mobile office although they have many more uses.

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