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What are mobile welfare units and why are they needed?

Every employer must provide his or her employees with certain amenities whilst they work. This is in compliance with health and safety legislation. This is vitally important wherever one works, be it in an office, working in a mobile office or at a constructions site. These facilities include sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, access to drinking water, an area for eating and rest and an area where one can change and dry clothes. For some employers, it may be difficult to provide all of these amenities in one place. For example, if working on a construction site, there may not be any amenities for miles around. This may mean that employees may have to travel a long way for the nearest toilet or the nearest drinking water facility. This will take time away from when employees could be working and more importantly, this would not comply with health and safety standards. It is for this reason that mobile welfare units have been created. The purpose of mobile welfare units is to provide all the amenities needed for employees in a mobile and easily transportable purpose built cabin. This solves the problem that employers may face. By using mobile welfare units, employers can provide sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, access to drinking water, an area for eating and rest and an area to change and dry clothes, all in a relatively small space! Mobile welfare units are easy to find with many companies specialising in them these days.

What added benefits can come with some mobile welfare units?

Some mobile welfare units have been built to be more luxurious than the simple welfare units designed for the purpose of complying with health and safety regulations. For example, some welfare units are provided with generators. This makes it possible to boil a kettle and benefit from hot water. Some mobile welfare units also come with a fitted microwave in order for staff to prepare hot meals whilst on a break. Mobile welfare units come in a variety of sizes also, so the basic cabins may be quite small whereas the more luxurious cabins can be quite large, providing large spaces for people to relax. These cabins are an especially good idea if there is a large number of staff working on a site at once. Some welfare unit providers also provide a security system to go with the cabin. Some of these may be more advanced than others.

All in all, mobile welfare units are an invaluable tool for any employer who needs to comply with health and safety regulations, but cannot find a way to do so. Mobile welfare units can be set up quickly and easily and, if desperate, there is usually a welfare unit provider who will have a unit to dispatch to any location straight away. With the aid of mobile welfare units, any employer can comply with health and safety regulations for a good price in no time at all.

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