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What is a mobile office trailer?

A mobile office trailer is a mobile office that has been set up inside a trailer. This trailer has usually been specifically modified in order for it to function as a mobile office.

What features does a mobile office trailer have?

A mobile office trailer has all the features that anyone would expect in a normal office. For example, these trailers can come with heat insulation and sound insulation, making them comfortable to work in. They can also come with windows. They can usually be connected to local mains electricity or a generator in order to provide electricity to the trailer. This means that the trailer can accommodate electrical items usually found within an office, such as printers, computers, photocopiers and the all important kettle! Mobile office trailers may sometimes also be connected to water supplies. Mobile office trailers can also be fitted with anti vandal security to ensure that whilst the office is locked up and no one is in it, thieves or vandals cannot break in.

In what ways can a mobile office trailer be used?

  • At construction sites: A mobile office trailer is ideal for use at a construction site. It provides the ideal office for the site overseer so that he or she can monitor the work occurring on site and manage what needs to be done.
  • In disaster relief zones: Disaster relief zones need people to organise the relief work so that others know what needs to be done and what still can be done to help those in need. A mobile office trailer provides the perfect base to do this from and it can be situated right in the centre of activity.
  • For educational use: Sometimes it is necessary to set up mobile or temporary classrooms. This may be because a natural disaster has either damaged or destroyed a local school completely. It may be because the children are living in a rural area and cannot normally attend school; either having to be home schooled or find other means of education. This is also the case in some third world countries. Thus, mobile classrooms provide the ideal solution to helping people with their education promptly and cheaply.
  • As temporary office space: Sometimes it is necessary for a company to expand quickly and cheaply. This may be because more space is urgently needed, but the company does not have the time or the money to build new offices. Thus, mobile office trailers provide the ideal solution for those who need temporary office space.
  • To provide healthcare: Some mobile office trailers are used to provide healthcare to people. For instance, a medical institution may decide to set up a trailer in a heavily populated place to educate people in that area about a particular disease or illness that is not as well known as it should be. This type of use for a mobile office trailer may help save lives.
  • For special events: Mobile office trailers may also be used at special events such as large conferences or exhibitions.
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