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Prior to the building of any new structure, whether permanent or temporary, there are a number of regulations and legal aspects that need to be considered. For a new building these may include health and safety regulations, environmental considerations and perhaps most importantly planning permission. Failure to consider such legal requirements may lead to the structure being removed and substantial setbacks both in terms of time and cost. It is advisable to consider legal requirements and regulations from the beginning of the project to avoid unwelcome surprises and delays to the project.

What is planning permission?

Every new structure is required to attain planning permission prior to the beginning of construction. It is requested from the local authority by submitting detailed plans of the work to be carried out. Planning permission is more difficult to obtain in some areas, particularly in rural areas and especially within the boundaries of national parks. Planning permission is required for every new construction project without exception from home extensions to outbuildings to conservatories to office blocks to skyscrapers; all need planning permission. Even temporary structures such as portable offices require mobile office planning permission. However, there are a number of small or temporary structures that do not require planning permission but these are in a minority and it is best to check with the local authority prior to making any assumptions.

How does mobile office planning permission work?

Mobile office planning permission is one of the easier forms of planning permission to attain due to the temporary nature of the structure. The local authority will be much more inclined to give a building the go ahead in the knowledge that it is not permanent and can easily be removed. The process for obtaining planning permission varies from country to country and even between local authorities. However, there is a general process which is applied throughout mobile office planning permission processes and can be found in one form or another all over the world.

First of all the organisation that is applying for mobile office planning permission must create detailed plans of the structure that is to be built. These plans must include the size and appearance of the structure, the number of windows and doors that will be installed, the use of the land on which it will be constructed, the requirement for amenities such as electricity, gas, water and telephone lines, the environmental impact and the duration for which the structure will remain on the site. These detailed plans must then be submitted to the appropriate department which deals with mobile office planning permission within the local authority. The plans will then be considered over a period of time within the local authority, surveys may be carried out and local residents may be consulted. Moreover, further information should be made available upon request from the local authority. If the mobile office planning permission is declined, a list of requirements is usually provided in order to gain permission. If permission is granted, the building work may proceed.

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