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What is the purpose of a mobile classroom?

A mobile classroom is designed as a classroom outside of the normal school environment. Its sole purpose is to teach people, and so it is designed in order to be able to achieve this purpose. There are many different types of mobile classrooms and there are many reasons why a mobile classroom may be needed. For instance, there are basic mobile classrooms. These are shipping containers that may have been modified and adapted to suit a working classrooms needs. Then there are more substantial classrooms that are built quickly and cheaply. Although these classrooms do not move, they are still referred to as a mobile classroom.

In what situations might a mobile classroom be needed?

  • Providing more space for a school, college or university: There are occasions where a school, college or university may have need for a mobile classroom. If a school, college or university has been damaged in some way, the lack of classrooms may lead to a need for mobile classrooms. These can be constructed cheaply and quickly, making them ideal for use when other classrooms may have been damaged. Mobile classrooms may also be used if the school, college or university wishes to expand their size and yet does not want to build an entirely new building. In this case, mobile classrooms may be constructed around the school or college grounds.
  • For use in disaster relief areas: Following large scale disasters such as earthquakes or flooding, schools may be left damaged or simply inaccessible. For this reason, mobile classrooms may be needed in order to provide people with a continued education and to ensure that children do not fall behind in the curriculum, as it can be difficult to catch up again. Thus, mobile classrooms are popular as they are cheap and easy to set up in a convenient area for local residents to get to. They thus provide the perfect solution for when disaster strikes and school-life can continue with as little disruption to the curriculum as possible.
  • For use in areas where a school may not be yet available: There are some areas where school are not yet available to those who want to learn. This could refer to extremely rural areas, where home-schooling is common because o the difficulty in getting to an established centre of education. This applies both to children who are willing to learn and adults who wish to take on a new skill. This may also be the case in third world countries where school are not yet the established norm for children or adults and learning is secondary to working for a living.
  • For exhibitions and large events: Mobile classrooms may be hired to present exhibitions to large groups of people either at corporate events or other large exhibitions. The cheap and easy mobile classrooms are ideal for providing a simulating exhibition without hassle or extortionate costs.

For these and many other reasons, mobile classrooms are an invaluable commodity.

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