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What is the purpose of a mobile canteen?

The name ‘mobile canteen’ is somewhat self-explanatory. The purpose of a mobile canteen is to provide hot meals to those who are not in the position to provide a hot meal for themselves. These mobile canteens may come in many different forms. Some of the basic canteens are literally shipping containers which have been modified in order to serve a purpose as a canteen, perhaps on work sites or construction sites. They often have seating basic seating and a workspace with plug sockets, in order that such appliances as a kettle or a microwave can be installed. Other examples of a mobile canteen may include burger vans and doughnut stalls that are commonly seen at large events.

Where can a mobile canteen be of use?

There are hundreds of locations in which a mobile canteen may come in useful. Mobile canteens such as burger vans are often seen at places where large numbers of people may gather, for example, conventions, football grounds, music concerts, universities and even disaster relief areas. Mobile canteens appeal to people as everyone loves to eat and will often look for the most convenient and quick way in order to obtain food when they are hungry or when they smell something good to eat! A mobile canteen will typically sell burgers, pop, perhaps sandwiches and snacks too. A mobile canteen can be moved anywhere where there are people wanting food, and thus this makes the mobile canteen business a great one to get into.

Mobile canteens can sometimes be hired by businesses or companies who have a large event on. For example, if a business is holding a conference or an exhibition, they may hire a mobile canteen in order to provide for their staff. This not only benefits the mobile canteen – people visiting the exhibition or conference would no doubt invest in some food, but the business also benefits. How? People generally work better on a full stomach! Hunger can distract people and leave them feeling faint and not concentrating. If a person keeps themselves topped up with food, their concentration will improve and so will the quality of work the person produces. Thus many businesses recognise the importance of mobile canteens in keeping staff happy and motivated. Men especially feel like they cannot produce good work without having decent food to eat beforehand!

So if you are a business owner who is planning on hosting a large event, perhaps an exhibition or a conference, do not underestimate the effect that a decent meal can have on the work ethic of staff and the work that they produce! Perhaps hiring a mobile canteen would be perfect for your event – keep staff motivated and happy to work and perform to their best ability with the aid of a mobile canteen. Undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to keep staff happy and productive is by enticing them with food and drink and appealing to their stomachs!

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